Christmas is approaching, but somehow you are locked in a cold room.
Find the hidden items and solve the puzzles to escape from here.

*Since it's Christmas (?), some strange and fantastical things may happen.
Be flexible and try different approaches.

🔍How to play

Click the arrows on the edges of the screen to change your viewpoint to the left or right.

Some parts of the room and furniture can be viewed in detail by clicking on them, so click on various spots (in the detail screen, click on the bottom arrow to return to the original view).

🔑About items and objects

To escape, you must find items hidden in the room.
The items you get will be added to the item list, you can use them by clicking on them.

🎁About boxes of gifts

There are 14 hidden gift boxes in this room, and something might happen if you collect them.
It might be difficult to collect them all, but give it a try.