Somehow you are trapped in a locked room.
Explore the room, find the hidden items, solve the puzzles, and escape from the room to complete the game.
(*If you have not played Tower of Chicks, we recommend that you play that first.)

🔍How to play

When you move the cursor to the left or right corner of the screen, an orange arrow appears and you can look around the room by clicking on it.

There are places in the room that can be examined in more detail by clicking on them, so try clicking in various places.
In the detail view, click the orange arrow at the bottom of the screen to return to the original viewpoint.

🔑About items and objects

With a click, you can obtain items and operate objects..

Items you got are displayed at the right of the screen.
To use the item, click and select it and then click the place you want to use (e.g.: Select item “Key” → click keyhole).